How to get and Play Super Mario Maker 2


Super Mario Maker 2 was announced way back in February and has finally been released just about a week ago. The original Super Mario Maker was a game that was released on the Wii U back in 2015.

What is Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that allows you to create your very own levels. You can use and place various blocks, items, enemies and obstacles in order to complete your designed level. Super Mario Maker 2 is basically a creative game mode where you can unleash your creative side and let your imagination run wild.

You can create your own course using various styles and themes that were used in the other Super Mario games that we all loved. Some game styles you can choose from include the Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U, and the newly introduced Super Mario 3D world themes. Various mechanics and the way the enemies move can be limited to specific styles or can even vary from style to style. You are also able to add and require certain rules or conditions such as “bring Yoshi to the goal”, or “no jumping.” This makes the game more complex and opens up a ton more varieties and options.

Tutorial and Creation

Another fun addition to the game is the inclusion of a tutorial for maker mode. Nina and Kawamura will help you better understand the basics of maker mode. They will walk you through the various tools and basics you need to know when designing your own course.

There is also an available single player mode where you can play a hundred various levels for that good old Super Mario fun. You can also use these levels as a basis and inspiration for how to use various blocks and different styles.

Multiplayer and Fan Reception

Fans have been very happy with how Super Mario Maker 2 has turned out. The original Super Mario Maker was very well received by fans and with Nintendo giving a sequel a lot of fans were very hyped up about it. The addition of new features was greatly received by fans, some features worth mentioning are doors and keys and checkpoints. These new features allows more creativity in creating the levels and new checkpoints allows the creation of longer levels without it being too punishing when you die.

The fun thing about Super Mario Maker 2 is the multiplayer part. You get to play levels created and published by other people. Some are very easy and you can finish within a few seconds, some require you to think outside of the box in order to accomplish the goal. You can also publish your own created levels and have people play them, see how other people react, or have a fun contest with your friends to see who can finish it the fastest. A lot of people are very talented at creating different levels, they make use of various objects in different ways you would never imagine and make you think about how to properly achieve the goal of each level. This is the aspect that makes Super Mario Maker 2 great, it has an unlimited amount of possibilities and combinations you can use to create your own level, thousands of new creative levels gets added everyday by the community. You will never get bored of it because there is always something new you can play, there is always something new you can try out.

Unfortunately, as of the moment there has been no announcements yet regarding Super Mario Maker 2 being available for handheld device, or on any other platform for that matter. Super Mario Maker 2 is now out on the Nintendo Switch and you can enjoy it there. We are hoping that Super Mario Maker 2 gets a lite version soon but to satisfy your Super Mario thirst, you can try to play Super Mario Run while waiting.

You can check out and download Super Mario Maker 2 for other platform here: CLICK HERE

You can download Super Mario Run for Android here: CLICK HERE


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