Teamfight Tactics mode from League of Legends


Introducing, Teamfight Tactics, the newest game mode available in League of Legends. If you’re tired of the traditional gameplay from Lol, jump right into the TfT mode.

Here, players will control a little legend and are sent into a colosseum with seven others, eight in total. Get ready, because here’s where the fun begins.
The objective is quite straightforward, deplete the health of all players’ little legends and be the last one standing. Now, let’s move on to gameplay.

Teamfight Tactics Gameplay

First, the eight Teamfight Tactics little legends are placed on a board. League of Legends warriors, or champions are found rotating in the middle. Quickly, grab the champion you want before the match begins, this is what you’ll use to fight.

Remember, each character has a unique ultimate attack and class. These will drastically change the course of battle.

Each player will be put in a rig against each other. For every round, you send out your champions to compete against the opponents. Once all champions are defeated, the losing side will take damage to their little legend.

We previously mentioned grabbing a singular champion before the matches start. No worries, more champion from League of Legends will be available to buy as the match continues. However, they’ll cost an amount of money, so choose wisely and grab the rarest champions.

In addition, only five champions will be available to buy. You’ll need to further consider your options since the shop can be reloaded, for an amount of gold.

You can also drag copies of champions in Teamfight Tactics to level them up. Drag three champions, creating a Super Champion; three supers create an Ultimate Champion.

The best way to seize victory is to take advantage of the drastic stat increases of leveling your champions.

Teamfight Tactics is still new, so many people are testing the waters in strategies. Tiers and core strategies are still freshly being developed.

Download Teamfight Tactics

After all is said and done, you’ll want to download Teamfight Tactics for yourself, right?

Luckily, the game client is available from League of Legends on the PC version. You’re free to install and enjoy the game within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the Teamfight Tactics download client is not available for mobile devices at the moment. So, if you’re playing League of Legends on Android, it may take time to enjoy this version of the game.

In the meantime, a mobile release is still anticipated. Enjoy League of Legends and similar titles, while you patiently bide around for the release of Teamfight Tactics.


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