Download Apex Legends — The Massively Popular Shooter Royale!


Download Apex Legends to get unlimited amounts of fun with a variety of characters. And get ready for an upcoming mobile release.

Download Apex Legends

The world was taken by storm with the popular first-person shooter battle royale, Apex Legends. Not to mention, the game has already hit its second season with success and an astounding 10 million active players.

Wait a minute, do you already have a copy of the Apex Legend game? No? Well, get out from that cave you’re living in and go download Apex Legends now!

You can find the PC download of the game through the EA website. The download client can be directly installed from there. Also, the Apex Legend install can be easily downloaded from the PS4 PlayStation Store or Xbox One Microsoft Store.

We will get into the mobile release in just a second. For now, let’s explain go over the high-powered cast of characters that have made Apex such an engaging game.

The Legends and Roles of Apex Legends

Where’s the fun in controlling one type of character the entire time? Apex Legends has the diversity of allowing multiple character options. If you want to rush and play aggressive, go ahead! Once you become burned-out of one play-style, switch up to another character type.

Strategy is key to victory. Before recklessly jumping into a match, let’s review the Legends and their roles within the game.

Here’s the general rundown of all characters in Apex Legends:


  • Bangalore: The Bangalore will literally smoke-out any enemies and bombard them with artillery. Throw in your smoke grenades and artillery fire to rack-up maximum damage!

  • Mirage: Just who do you think you’re firing at? Is it the real Legend, or a hologram? Moreover, Mirage can unleash his decoys to seriously trip-up his opponents.

  • Wraith: Next, the power of this high-tech ninja are in your hands. Teleport your teammates to key locations to land an ambush on your prey!

  • Octane: The drugee of the group. Octane was an unlockable Legends from Season 1. He can use his drugs to increase running speed and regenerate. We needs what he’s juicing on…


  • Gibraltar: Here comes the tank of the game. Additionally, Gibraltar will completely shield his allies and strike down enemies with his offensive mortar.

  • Caustic: Stay clear of this chemical demon. To be honest, Caustic’s deadly Nox gas can prove to be a viable choice to any team. Meaning you can disorient your enemies while dealing massive damage.

  • Wattson: The newest edition of defensive Legends in Apex Legends. She was made available in Season 2. In addition, this super-genius uses electrical based creations as protection and support!


  • Lifeline: The team is being decimated! Everyone is low on health and needs to regroup. Now, it’s the perfect time to call upon your Lifeline Legend. They act as the all-around medic of a team.

  • Pathfinder: The bridge between you and your opponent is instantly traversed, with the help of Pathfinder. The robotic Legend is all support. To this extent, it’ll use ziplines and beacons to reveal new methods on travel.

  • Bloodhound: The name doesn’t lie. Bloodhounds will use everything in their arsenal to track their targets and lend assists throughout the game. Furthermore, like a canine on the hunt, this Legend and reveal hidden enemies and tracks left behind.

Coordinate your team with the best possible Legends to reign supreme!

Downloading Apex Legends Mobile?

Unfortunately, EA has not released an Apex Legends mobile version. Although, they have been developing the mobile release. It is to be anticipated.

For now, we can look at the popular game PUBG as an example. This game massively grew in popularity and was quickly ported between mobile and PC. Hey, even the Fortnite Battle Royale has already released their mobile version.

The mobile release for the Apex Legends game is quite literally around the corner. We must wait a couple of moments longer for this release. The anticipation is killer…


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