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Does anyone have a passion for architecture? Has anyone ever wanted to build the next greatest monument the word has ever seen?

Or maybe envisioning the world in a block format, where all life as we know it is in the shape of squares? Whether you answer yes or no, Minecraft is still the way to go.
More space on devices leads to more fun hours of building.
So player, choose a preferred Minecraft skins, grab that pickaxe, get your diamond sword ready and head out into the sandbox world.

Back in May 17, 2009, the creative mind from Sweden, Markus “Notch” Persson created what he called Cave Game. Soon afterwards in 2011, the game quickly gained popularity and evolved into what we know as Minecraft.
The success of Minecraft has left a giant mark on the world. Just the word itself will instantly create the image of a block filled world to the thinker. Moreover, changing the way people view gaming, all while expanding and provoking the creative minds of gamers.
Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) has made it so anyone never has to leave the fun. Anyone can take their creativity on the go, throwing in some crafting every once in a while.

Just make sure not to become overly addicted. Someone just might end up seeing squares wherever they go and find themselves smacking the ground with a shovel. We’ve seen it happen hundreds of times before.
In all seriousness, Minecraft maps are uniquely designed and vast for anyone to turn into their own playground. The beauty of each world is in the eyes of the beholder. Let’s make the most of the resources and get to crafting.

What is Minecraft

Before getting into the specifics of how you can get Minecraft Pocket Edition, let’s get to explain what the game actually is.
The world of Minecraft games is a sandbox adventure. Players have an option to do basically whatever they please. Imagine The Sims, but everything is simplified and square. That would be a decent representation of the game.
At their disposal are a pickaxe and shovel. Use these to break down…well, anything. Breaking down objects will award materials shaped as blocks (obviously). And these materials are used to create anything they can think of.
From here, crafting can create either small homes and formations, to giant ships, planetoids and more. It is a simple concept leading to vast outcomes. Artists usually die of anticipation when just thinking about the endless possibilities.
Weapon and inventory can also be manageable through collecting materials. There are so many aspects to the simple break and building feature, we could be here all day explaining them.
There are also various Minecraft servers to play with friends. Say we invite some buddies to our different Minecraft maps to swap ideas. Or just hit the Survival Mode to live a fulfilling life as an RPG block person.

Game Modes of Minecraft

Minecraft PE has a few game modes to help expand the gameplay experience. However, they all work on the same building mechanic.
Minecraft mods are also available for each game mode.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode drops players onto other player-created Minecraft Maps. This game mode plays similar to the Survival Mode where there is a set amount of health. But, recklessness is still advised. Players will always respawn at the world spawn point.
One more thing, no one should attempt to break anyone’s creation, because they can’t. Actually Adventure Mode locks players from tarnishing another player’s hard work.
Players can still however, craft new items for their inventory.

Creative Mode

Here we have the main game mode of the Minecraft games, Creative Mode. With an infinite amount of blocks and health, imaginations can freely run wild.
Mobs and other enemies are still visible in this mode, but they cannot cause any harm to the player. Good now there are no more distractions.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode gives players a chance to show off their Bear Grylls survival skills. Starting with no blocks and having a set amount of health and hunger makes for a challenging experience.
Now, you’ll need to build your shelter, quickly before mobs and zombies come for your head.

Spectator Mode

Finally, the final game mode is Spectator Mode. Here, players are completely invisible, except to other spectating players. They can also fly around the Minecraft maps to get a better view.


  1. Played Minecraft recently and I loved it so much but i play on iPad so there are like no cool gun mods I just get texture packs but I still love it


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