Microsoft Greatest Mistake: Bill Gates Speaks Out


Admitting that the reason why Microsoft lost out of the mobile Operating Systems market was simply because they lacked market insight back then, is something that has never sat well with a lot of Microsoft users.

As controversial as the above statement sounds, the Microsoft founder has come out to say that there were things they were supposed to do that they didn’t do, which was why they got blown away by other competitors in the mobile market.

It was obvious that Microsoft never thought of giving up their market share to a player like Android. They must have deployed various b

usiness strategy to keep the competition at a stiff level, but it was only a matter of time before Microsoft was going to throw in the towel.

With Satya Nadella’ comments not too long after Microsoft decided to end their support for their mobile operating systems, one would have concluded that they knew what they were doing at the time. The CEO simply stated that Microsoft was getting too distracted with their work in the aspect of operating systems for mobile devices and that they wanted to focus more on developing enterprise products, which was where they seemingly had a strong footing.

However, the pace with which Android dominated the mobile OS market space along with iOS, totally contrasted what the statements of the Microsoft CEO.

Google bought Android over in the year 2005 for about $50 million. But while that was certainly a lot of money, what wasn’t so clear to everyone was that Google had a plan. And that plan was going to make them the king of the mobile world.

It will interest you to know that Google are now the largest players in the mobile operating system market, leading the pack by a considerable margin. The Fucshia Operating System is, however, beginning to gather momentum, and that could change Android’ position in the years ahead.

The success of one competitor simply meant the demise of another competitor, and that is what Bill Gates has finally come out to say. With Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, laughing at iPhone for not having a keyboard and being overtly expensive, it has become apparent that Microsoft were not paying attention to what they were supposed to. Unfortunately, this is where their actions have landed them.

In a recent interview, the Microsoft co-founder simply reflected on their inability to acknowledge the mobile-focused nature of the OS market as part of what shattered their mobile aspirations. Hence, while a company like Apple spotted opportunities and decided to make their iPhones compatible with the latest tech trends, Microsoft was simply staying safe in their comfort zone.

According to Bill Gates, it was their lack of business foresight that brought them to where they are today. They knew the mobile operating system market was only going to accept another non-Apple mobile OS. And somehow, that non-Apple mobile OS turned out to be the Android of today. Microsoft had everything in place to occupy that position; they only needed to fit their mobile OS to suit the mobile market and user preferences. But that never happened!

Nevertheless, after Gates had admitted some of the shortcomings of Microsoft that led to their exit in the mobile OS market, he decided to end the interview on a happy note by saying that Microsoft still has a respectable position in the technology market, and that they are doing extremely well in that regards.


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