Instantly transform your desktop with these 3 tricks


Are you tired of your plain and boring Windows 10 Desktop? Well don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Here are 3 simple tips to make your desktop look better.

Most people just simply replace their wallpaper, maybe arrange some icons and they are good to go. But there are a few applications that can help you bring your desktop game to the next level. Here are 3 applications you can use to improve the look of your desktop drastically. You can choose to either use just one or all three in combination.


This first application is called “TranslucentTB” and can be found inside the Microsoft store. It is a free application and it has a few different uses. For design purposes we are going to be using it to completely blend the taskbar with the wallpaper. Once you’ve installed and launched the app it should be pretty straightforward.

Go to your taskbar icons and look for the “TB” icon then right click on it.

After right clicking the TranslucentTB icon you should see a few different options, just go to the “Regular” option and choose the “Clear” setting.

After doing so, you should now have a taskbar that perfectly blends in with your wallpaper. Going from a boring desktop:

To a now cleaner one:

This is a small change but it is noticeable and makes Windows 10 look better overall. There are also a few other settings that you can change, such as when applications are maximized or when the start menu is open, just play around with these settings and find out what best fits your style.

You can download TranslucentTB here:

Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine is another application you can use to further customize your Desktop. Wallpaper Engine is an application that can be found inside the Steam store. It is a paid app but you only need to pay $3.99 for a massive collection of stunning wallpapers, some even animated and with some great audio visualizers. You can also create and edit your own wallpaper through the Wallpaper Editor. There are a ton of various designs and wallpapers here, anywhere from real world pictures to anime.

After installing and launching the app, simply go to the “Workshop” section and search for whatever wallpaper you want.

Choose from the results and then click on your preferred design and click “Subscribe.”

Wait for your chosen wallpaper to finish downloading and it should automatically be applied once it’s done.

This application works best when paired with the TranslucentTB app from earlier. Now you have a completely brand new looking desktop. The $3.99 you have to pay for is definitely worth it, plus it’s only a one-time purchase and you get to use it forever.

You can download Wallpaper Engine Here:


Rainmeter is an excellent customization tool that is fast and can be adjusted according to your taste. You can use Rainmeter to make Windows look better. Rainmeter is a little bit more complicated than the previous applications because Rainmeter requires you to know a little bit about coding in order to fully utilize the app. But don’t be scared though, as you can still get a lot out of it even without knowing a single thing about coding.

Rainmeter is a free app, so just head over to their website and download Rainmeter from there.

Once you are done downloading and installing Rainmeter just run it and you should be greeted with a few new widget-type tabs. To remove these simply right click on each and select “Unload Skin” you should now be able to start fresh.

From there you can choose whatever Rainmeter skin you want. Some great sources for Rainmeter skins are,, and

Once you’ve downloaded a skin/configuration you want, simply open it up and click “Install” to load the skin.

If you maximize and use all three apps together you can easily make your desktop look better and can achieve something like this:

You can download Rainmeter here:


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