Huawei Unbanned – Is the Company Back on Track?


Pres. Donald Trump decided to ease some restrictions regarding US companies doing business with Huawei on Saturday the 6th of July. Is Huawei unbanned? That remains to be seen because the details are not clear yet.

President Trump had a meeting with the Chinese president Xi Jinping and stated, “We are talking about equipment where there’s not a great national emergency problem with it.” Does this mean that the Huawei ban has been completely listed by the US? We’re not so sure about it, however, it is certainly a big step towards making sure the Chinese giant continues to do business with companies based in the USA.

Huawei Ban

Back in May, president Trump put forth an executive order that essentially banned Huawei. The Huawei ban was because of national security concerns as the company was presumably very close to the Chinese government. The USA was worried that their equipment can be used to spy on other companies as well as countries. Huawei has always denied those claims and said that the fears are unfounded and factless.

Huawei Unbanned

The lifting of restrictions seems like a political move to cool down the heating relationship between the US and China on the matter of trade. President Trump was keen on stating that he is looking forward to starting trade discussions and see if they can come up with a deal. The President also stated that he would hold off the Huawei ban issue until the very end of the negotiations.

Things are looking up for the Chinese tech giant as many US-based companies are eager to resume trades with the company. Huawei is the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer and many of the components are sourced from the USA. A ban on Huawei would result in not only Chinese companies taking a hit but also would have adverse effects on companies in the USA.

Huawei OS

There was a soft ban on Huawei using the Android operating system. This was because android is owned by Google which is also a US based company. This kick-started Huawei’s desire to make its very own operating system. Reports suggest that the operating system dubbed HongMeng OS is progressing rapidly, however, it will take a few years to be fully deployed on Huawei smartphones. A little while ago Huawei’s CEO stated that the Huawei OS will be faster than Android and Mac OS as well which seems like a great deal for Huawei loyalists. Although, making a large ecosystem like Android or iOS will take a considerable amount of time and resources. If any company is capable of challenging Google and iOS, it’s the Chinese giant Huawei.

Huawei’s Future

While the growth Huawei smartphone business seems to be stunted by the Huawei Android ban, the company is still looking towards growth. Of course, there are many setbacks to their global domination plans, but they are still one of the biggest players in the Chinese and Indian markets. We just have to wait and see whether the USA resumes trade talks with the company or the Huawei ban stands. For now, you can check out the link below and download the app to get away from all the trade talks and have a fun time. One of the best things about the app is that it is not banned on Huawei so you can easily enjoy it on your latest Huawei flagship or midrange smartphone.


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