GTA V – Rockstar Games’s Latest Masterpiece


GTA V is designed with a unique style that makes you experience the small and great moments of San Andreas, the city of Los Santos.

In GTA V, players get to explore the virtual world of San Andreas — a city where anything can happen.

You get the opportunity to explore the surreal virtual world, and also play a part in the exciting and gripping world of San Andreas.

GTA V is too big, thousands of things to explore, and a fantastic storyline that’d make you long for more.

The creators did a great job in designing a vast crime world with three protagonists who are interconnected in the game world. The game would make you rethink the meaning of word ambitious and some couple of other words.

There are millions of video games out there, but only few can launch you into a compelling virtual world.

One of the most significant milestones the creators achieved is by creating three leading protagonists in the virtual world — especially how each story is connected and players get to feel the separate lives of each of these protagonists.

Players start the game as Franklin, an ambitious and young gang banger working for a car dealer. The Franklin character is used to introduce the player into the basic game plays. Then after a series of events, Michael and Trevor are thrown into the mix — the three protagonists are what you’d be working with throughout the game.

GTA V – The Game Play

The gameplay is quite simple. You get to experience the lives of three criminals as they try to commit crimes under intense pressure from the government.

In the game, there are lots of missions to accomplish. You can also embark on independent missions to explore the environment and perform other separate tasks.

Players get to play the game from a first-person or third-person perspective. Control of any of the three protagonists is enabled, and you get to switch control to any character of your choice.

The game missions are quite simple — player shoot and drive their way to freedom. A wanted system is built to indicate how the law enforcement agents respond to players who commit crimes within the game.

If a five star is displayed by the wanted meter, then the player would be pursued and possibly killed in the game.

However, the player can leave the crime vicinity and escape temporarily for the wanted meter to cool down.

There’s also an online multi-player mode. In this mode, you get to play, corporate, and compete with up to thirty players.

Explosives, firearms, and melee attacks are used to fight enemies and other game entities.

GTA V Controls

The three characters (Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips) with interconnected stories are used to complete missions. The interconnection of the characters is quite fascinating as some missions require two characters for its completion.

During missions, the game automatically switches between characters, but if you’re not playing a mission, you’d need to switch between the characters manually.

Here’s the thing, missions are completed with any of the three characters. But in other missions, you’d need AI-controlled characters to accomplish it. These auto controlled characters usually possess unique skills like driving and computer hacking.

When using a character, you lose control of the other two characters. By default, they would be automatically controlled by the system.

The three-game characters are designed to be busy by default. That is, if you’re using Michael and you switch to Trevor, you’d meet the new character (Trevor) going about his daily routine.

You only get to resume control of the character after the character switching is complete.

An in-game internet connection is built to help characters contact friends, start an activity, and perform other relevant tasks.

By acquiring enough in-game resources, players would buy properties like businesses and garages. Also, you get to upgrade the vehicles (and weapons) in your character’s arsenal.

Another exciting in-game feature is the ability to customize your character’s appearance by changing the hairstyle, tattoos, outfits, and other physical features.

GTA V Storyline

Michael has an unstable family life, Franklin works for a car salesperson, while Trevor lives in the outskirt of the city.

Nine years ago, Michael, Trevor, and Brad performed a botched robbery which didn’t go quite well.

The three are separated, and everybody believed that Michael was dead.

Two of the characters (Michael and Franklin) met when Michael tries to repossess his son’s car.

After some time, Michael discovers that his wife was sleeping with her coach. With the help of Franklin, Michael chased the coach, destroyed a mansion which belonged to a Mexican drug lord.

The drug lord demands payment.

With the help of Lester (a disabled hacker), the two friends performed a stunning jewelry shop crime to pay the debt.

In the other end of the city, Trevor hears of the jewelry shop heist and noticed that it’s the handiwork of Michael.

The buildup is quite great as Trevor reunites with Michael.

Chaos was introduced into the game as Michael experienced some bad periods when his family left him. He also went into a deep fight with a billionaire venture capitalist. Franklin engaged in a series of gangster feud as he tries to rescue his friend Lamar, while Trevor went into war with dozens of street gangs, motorcycle club, a private security firm, and a couple of other bad groups.

A couple of FBI agents reached out to Michael to undermine the activities of the International Affairs Agency (IAA). Shady deals were done, evidence erased, and more trouble caused.

During the gameplay, you’d come across dozens of twists, surprises, and lots of in-game actions that would make you experience a surge in creativity.

Furthermore, the story goes deep to unravel a complicated relationship between the trio characters, drug lords, FBI agents, and lots of other in-game gangsters.


GTA V is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3 users.

Other platforms’ users are not left in the cold as you get to experience the ultimate GTA V thrill with your device soon.

Conclusion – Explore the Virtual World of San Andreas With GTA V

The detailed arts, the witty storyline, the epic battles, and the cool characters would make you play GTA V all over again.

Unfortunately, GTA V now costs you 14.99$ for a copy on every platform, but we believe that you will soon be able to play because Rockstars need to attract more players as the game has been published for more than 6 years now.

GTA V is arguably the best video of the century. And you can partake in fun by playing with your PC, Xbox, or PS devices.

Fun lovers and thrill seekers can launch some surreal adventures today with GTA V.


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