Fortnite – Jump, shoot and get the Victory Royale


It’s safe to say that if you’re unaware of Fortnite, you probably need to get crawl out from whatever rock you’re living under.

Apart from being responsible for viral sensations like the ‘floss’ dance, it flipped the battle royale genre on it’s head by spicing it up to be a whole lot more fun.

Initially, PUBG held the first title in online battle royale games, only to be inevitably surpassed by Fortnite among others. But what makes Fortnite so special?
Well, when push comes to shove, people wanted more excitement and variety. And Fortnite provided. Moving away from the military style that PUBG embodies, we saw vibrant, animated graphics, satirical avatars, unique vehicles, and whacky weapons and, all set on a lush tropical paradise map.
Oh yeah, and instead of jumping out of a plane, it’s a party bus. It’s the little details that count.

With this in mind, it wasn’t hard for Fortnite to stand out against PUBG or any other battle royale for that matter. At the time, it saw the fastest growth in gaming history, with Apex Legends taking the title in more recent times.
So, for those new to the game, consider this your guide to understanding it better so you can whoop noobs all the live long day.
And no, you don’t need a PC.

Fortnite game modes


Some people were just born to walk alone. The wolf that leaves the pack. This is the game made for those that fancy their chances going solo against 99 other players. They key to excelling here is to use stealth, picking off opponents only when needed to survive until the end.
However, you won’t have the privilege of backup and support form your crew. Tread carefully.


All good things come in twos. This is a chance to share an intimate battle bond with one other person against the 98 other blood thirsty mongrels on the map. You’ll be paying against 49 other teams that are all in it to win it.
Victory as a duo is always about strategizing and supporting each other. After all, two brains are better than one.

Squad Mode

Personally, we find this to be the most enjoyable of all game modes in Fortnite. Charging head first into battle is more realistic here as you’ll have plenty of backup to help with cover fire, item sharing and reviving.
Plus, there’s something nice about online strangers all working together for one common purpose. Even if it is to spill as much virtual blood as possible.

Fortnite Battle Royale best features


Imagine you’re thrown into a vivid, dream like Pixar animation. Except your nosediving onto a tropical island and forced to fight for your life. The graphics in Fortnite are stunning and nothing short of unique. Characters and settings are vibrant, popping from the screen in a bursting display of crisp, vivid colours.

Massive Map

The Fortnite map is so vast that there’s only really need for one. It’s hard to get bored when there’s so much to discover and explore. Everything from built up cities, to quaint towns, to tropical grasslands and swamps. The Fortnite map has it all.
Plus, the giant storm that circumferences the island growing ever bigger makes your playing space ever smaller, adding another element of excitement.

Intuitive gameplay

The gameplay really does appeal to so many different types of players. The ambusher, the silent assassin, the sniper, the hide and seeker, the battle charger. In Fortnite you can do it all. Coupled with the rich map and stunning graphics, it makes for an experience that goes above and beyond your typical game.

Fortnite tips for first timers

Don’t stuff up the landing

Your landing can often make or break your chances of winning the game. You need to land as quickly as possible, with a clear location in mind. Whether you go to built up areas or not is up to you. These areas are higher risk due to more players but have better weapons and more loot.
Secluded areas will have less players to blow your head off, but generally are sparser in terms of items. Choose your tactic and land accordingly.
Tip: to nosedive quicker and land sooner, press forward on the directional pad.

Embrace the storm

As the storm around the map gets ever bigger, the playing field gets smaller. Standing in the storm will drain your health quicker than you can get your bearings. However, sticking to the play area on the edge of the map is a great tactic to avoid other players.
It’s a great place to hide and snipe and makes it near impossible to be flanked.

The Fortnite game for handheld devices actually cost you no charge to play but it’s only available for some specific devices, make sure you have to right phone to play the game.

By now you’ve got all the information needed to go out and dominate. The rest is up to you. The best way to grow and become better at any game is to jump in and learn firsthand. Figure out your style and let it take you to victory.
If you haven’t already, get Fortnite Battle Royale now and experience everything this epic game has to offer.



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