Experience Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser on Windows 7 & 8


Internet Explorer has been nothing but a shadow of other browsers when you consider the type of unsatisfactory service it has rendered to its users over time.

For whatever reasons, the developers and those in charge of running the ex-internet giant have decided they cannot keep up with world trends when it comes to browser technologies.

But although this had been the reality for many PC users, Microsoft decided it was time to give PC users a little surprise when they announced Microsoft Edge as part of Windows 10.

And now, they have decided to go a step further by releasing Microsoft edge browser versions for backward OS like Windows 7 & 8. For those who understand the essence of a robust browser, this is surely a great breakthrough.

However, if you are not familiar with some of the not-so obvious intricacies of browser technologies, you can read the rest of the post to know why you need to appreciate Microsoft edge as a better alternative to Internet explorer.

Edge Processes Better Than Explorer

Internet users have been stopped dead right in their tracks for years now, because if it wasn’t the popular compliant browsers, it was not going to be possible. Internet Explorer took longer times to process whatever request users were passing to it compared to other browsers, and that only frustrated its users to a great extent.

Browsers such as Google Chrome and the likes took about 1/10th of the time it took Internet Explorer to do anything. They were extremely faster when compared to Internet Explorer.

Well, that is now a thing of the past, as Microsoft Edge browser has the capacity to process user requests as fast as these trending browsers. As a 100% Microsoft fan, you can count on Edge for your super-fast browsing and you would be glad you did.

Edge is more Developer-friendly

No other group of professionals had been so mad at Microsoft concerning Internet Explorer than developers. As far as developers were concerned, the internet Explorer was like an unexplored mine field. It was pretty good at messing up websites regarding the way it rendered contents on screens, and this would only make developers suffer more.

Developers needed too many extra CSS and JavaScript codes to make sure their applications were not broken on Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s inability to do what they were supposed to do to make sure web developers had little stress in using their browser only spurred more hatred on the side of developers.

Now developers can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Edge works pretty well like the other robust browsers. Developers don’t need to be super-intelligent before they can come with powerful web apps that can work on any browser.

Similar to Chrome

If you have envied Google Chrome over the years due to their slick nature and outlooks, then you can be glad as Microsoft now has an adorable replica. No more being an anti-chrome villain. Edge is very similar to Google Chrome in many ways. They’ve got similar extensions and stuffs like that. You can even say that Chromium Edge browser has moved a step further in some areas like toning down the amount of spying that is carried out on users unlike its Google Chrome counterpart.

Therefore, if you are using Microsoft Chromium-based Edge, you are not far from someone who is using Google Chrome.


Sincerely, the only thing standing between you and a sturdy and reliable browser pack like Microsoft Edge is just you and your download button.


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