All the Rumors about Google Pixel 4 Series


Interested to know about Google Pixel 4? We have got all the rumors and speculations about Google’s next flagship in one place for you.

Google has been teasing its upcoming flagship smartphone for a while. However, the tech giant hasn’t disclosed any significant facts or news about the phone yet. But that doesn’t mean we will have to wait till Google post the specs or the features of the new Pixel phone officially. Because at this point a lot of rumors are already floating around about this flagship phone series.

And, we also have some of those rumors in our collection.  After a long research period and a strict filtering process, we have discarded some and kept the best of the best for you. So, if you are here to know about the Google Pixel 4 Series, then this is the perfect place and time for you.

Just, keep reading the post and you will get to know what Google has for us up their sleeves. So, here we go…


There was a rumor that Google might name this year’s Pixel as Pixel Ultra. But, that is not the case. Google is keeping it as usual. The phone series is named Google Pixel 4 as all the earlier Pixels.

Multiple Models:

Till now, we know that there will be 2 main variants of the Pixel 4 phone. One will be called ‘Pixel 4’ and the other one will be known as Pixel 4 XL’. Now, you know that Google has released 2 new mid-range phones in their Pixel 3 series after the initial release of the main Pixel 3. So, we are expecting that it will be similar for the Pixel 4 series as well. That means we might also get a couple of mid-range Pixel 4 phones later.

When will it be released?

If we look back on the history of releasing Google Pixel series, we see a clear pattern there. Google always announce their new Pixel phones at their official hardware conference hosted in October every year. For instance, the Pixel 3 series was announced on October 9, 2018. Later, it was released after just 9 days of the announcement which was on October 18. So, you can hope that the Pixel 4 series will also be released around the same time (October) this year.

The Design: What it looks like:

Interestingly, some leakers have leaked a picture of the new Pixel 4 back in June 2019. Yes, that was a rendered picture of the phone. And most of us didn’t believe that at that time and we wanted more. Consequently, a lot of other leakers also shared some similar types of renders.

And, in-between these periods Google took the chance of unveiling the design of the Pixel 4 to the world. They have shared the actual official rendered picture of the smartphone on one of their Twitter accounts. But there’s a caveat here. Unfortunately, Google only shared a render of the back side of the phone. However, we have also gathered information about the front side of the phone as well. We will touch that topic in a minute.

But first, let's talk about the backside. At the first glance, it seems that there is a square shaped space on the top-left corner of the phone where the main cameras will sit on. So, now, the camera bump on the Pixel 4 will be bigger than its predecessors. If you have seen any leaked render of the upcoming iPhone, then you will know that both of these phones look quite similar from the back.

You can also notice that there is no fingerprint sensor at the back. More about that later. At this moment, we don't know if the back side will be made of glass or plastic (polycarbonate). However, as it will be a flagship model, we can guess that it will be glass. But the mid-range Pixel 4 phones (if there’s any) might come with a polycarbonate back.

Till now, Google hasn’t shared any picture of the front of the phone. But, we have got a few at our disposal. From that, we know that it won’t be a bezel-less phone. So, if you are a fan of the new punch hole/dew notch design or if you like the pop-up camera feature with a full screen then you are out of luck. So, there is a thin bezel on the top of the front side.

Rumor has it, there are 5 imaging sensors at the top of the front side. Among them, you can see that there are two front-facing cameras. And all the other sensors might be used for advanced ‘Face ID’ detection or something like that. There will be an earpiece but might not be any front-facing speakers. And lastly, there are a lot of speculations around the bottom edge of the front of the phone. It might have a chin or not. We will see…


There might be 4 cameras on Google Pixel 4. Two on the back and two on the front. Both sets of cameras will use spectral sensors. Even though Pixel 3 arguably has the best smartphone camera at this moment, we can hope that these cameras will be better than Pixel 3.


There are a lot of rumors about this topic. But from our perspective, we think Google will go with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU. And, we would like to see 6GB/8GB RAM with that. There mightn’t be any external SD card slot as well. Except these, we don't know more about the specs of Pixel 4 yet.

More about the upcoming Pixel 4 series:

Here we will share some random but interesting information about Pixel 4.

  • Fingerprint Sensor: It is sure that there is no fingerprint at the back of the phone. But, there might be an in-display fingerprint sensor available

  • Color: Google shared the picture of a black Pixel 4. We can assume that there will be more color variants such as white, red, or blue etc.

  • Headphone Jack: There is no headphone jack on the Pixel 4

  • IP Rating: The phone might come with IP68 rating water and dust proof feature

  • Gestures?: Google has been working on a ‘hands-free gesture' technology for a while. They are calling this project ‘Project Soli’. With the help of this technology, the user can interact with their smart devices using just hands-free gestures. Yes, you won’t have to touch the screen to perform particular tasks, just gesturing with your hand from a distance will do. Rumor has it, Google will incorporate this technology in Pixel 4

  • Charging: We are sure that it will have wireless charging. Also, it will come with the fast charging feature

Before we go:

That’s all the confidential information we have at this moment about the most awaiting smartphone of 2019. And we have shared all of them with you. However, still, there’s a lot to know. For instance, we don't know anything about the battery capacity of the phone. We also don't know the dimension and weight of the device.

And last but not least, we are yet to learn about the price of the Pixel 4. However, we can make a guess here. As it is a flagship and one of the most anticipated smartphone right now, the price could be in the range of $1000-$1200. But, we would have to wait for a few months more to know the actual price and to see the actual phone. Till then, do let us know your opinion about the Google Pixel 4 series in the comment section.


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